Hotels for Liz

Not a boaty type?

Our good friend Liz isn’t really a boaty sort of person. in fact the world of boats is an alien one to such an extent that much of that written in this diary isn’t applicable.

Liz is a First Class sort of person in every sense of the word: “Why stay on a lumpy, bumpy, slow, small boat when you can stay in a nice hotel that you don’t have to buy?”

So dedicated to Liz, and anyone else who doesn’t quite see the point of life on the ocean wave, I’m building a list of some of the finer hotels we have come across in our travel:

The Hotels

St Martin-de-Re, Ile De Re

Just off La Rochelle and connected by road bridge. A few minutes from the airport by taxi.


Hotel de Toiras. Right on the corner of the harbour. Step out of 5* luxury right into the crowd.

Rooms from €420 a night at the peak of the season.








Just a short walk away from the centre and away from it all is the Hotel Clos St Martin.

4* with room rates €210 to €560 in high season there’s something for everyone’s budget.





Le Palais, Belle Isle: The Citadelle Hotel. Superbly located in the Citadelle overlooking Le Palais and the sea.









Castel Clara, Belle Ile. Away from it all across the other side of the Island, a place to

you can spend some serious bucks here: it makes a mooring look good value for money.




Le Corderie-Royalla-corderiee, Rochefort. On the banks of the Charente River and right next to the marina. The Hotel is located in a part of the old rope making factory:


….more to come as we find or remember them