it’s 11 at night, we are still in Pornic (we like it here),  too warm to go sleep so I thought I’d bore you with a bit of tech.

Avid readers will have noticed that I use a few panoramas to make more interesting pics….

If you are interested in making some of your own panoramas check out this link

Download the windows version (free) and install on your PC.

Use it to create panoramas from 2 to loads of photos – it’s so easy – take loads of photos of your subject, upload to a PC, start the program, tell it which photos to use and it does everything else.


  1. Liz says:

    Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time. Have just been to the Horseshoe. Next Friday 7pm ok with you?

    • Martin says:

      mmm, warm english beer, maybe a scotch egg. France has many nice things….but one thing that French sailors who’ve been to the UK love is our pubs…can’t wait.