August 2020 – we finally made it

We finally made it out to Arzal on 13th August 2020. Two trips cancelled so we have to cram everything (i.e. boat prep & provisioning) into this one trip.

On the evening we arrived the UK government announced that returnees coming from France would have to quarantine for 2 weeks if arriving after 4am on Saturday. Crazy or what. Just a few extra hours would have accommodated the normal Saturday changeover without causing panic.

Anyway if it’s still in place when we get home 5 weeks hence a Tesco home delivery will be on its way.

Biblical Rain & schoolperson errors

Yesterday evening we were ready for the forecast thunderstorms. Gale force winds blew up in an instant. Torrential rain soon followed, as did the thunder & lightening.

It went on like this for an hour and a half

And so to the schoolperson error (for it was down to both of us): we’ve been away from Filibuster for nearly a year , we forget things that otherwise are second nature.

On this occasion, mesmerised by the storm, we forgot that Filibuster has windows that open inward and were open. Or maybe we reopened in the night and the storm came back.

We had a lot of drying to do the following day 🙁

Most of our clothing got a bit damp….