Camaret sur Mer


Panoramic view of the harbour front in Camaret sur Mer taken from Filibuster.
Cameret moonlight

Camaret port side by moonlight

From the right: bar, bar, restaurant, restaurant, restaurant, bar, gift shop, restaurant…..boulangerie, bar, restaurant, chemist, gift shop.

What’s not to like? moored in the right spot you get great views of the nearby harbour side all the way across to the distant commercial port.

Note no forest of masts and yet we were in a marina!.




A bit of history

coming into Camerat

entrance to Camaret showing Vauban’s Tower left and Church of Notre Dame de Rocamadour on the right

Camaret has a fascinating history. Vauban’s tower in the picture of the entrance was successfully (very successfully) used to defend the port against a large Anglo-Dutch invasion.

The port subsequently thrived as a fishing port until the economics of the industry dictated larger vessels and better transport connections that other ports could offer. Relics of the age of fishing remain on the beach as a reminder.

Camaret harbour old and newCamaret boat graveyard 2 Camaret boat graveyard 1

Perfectly situated in sheltered waters Camaret is often our first and last stop in France. It’s convenient for Brest (8 miles by boat) with it’s airport and scheduled flights to Southampton.

For yachties it also comes with 2 marinas, diesel berth, cash points, a really good supermarket, delis, bars, chandlery, poissonerie and a more interesting than usual artisan quarter.

Excellent beaches make up the full complement for this little port.

As I said, what’s not to like about Camaret sur Mer?