La Rochelle Pt 3 – not all coming home?

Missing pt2 ? watch this space for so much to say about beautiful La Rochelle.  (and plenty more for Ile de Re yet to come)

Pt3 is  a quickie, more an observation on one thing that is especially nice here: the climate.

La rochelle 2 040

you really have got to have the right gear

It’s getting on for 9pm.Note the new nautical clock:

We’ve got about an hour of direct sunlight left.

La rochelle 2 038

warm evening, sun shining, wind scoop on neighbours boat


We’ve just eaten Noix St Jaques up in the cockpit..mmm

La rochelle 2 041

chubby hubby, or just relaxed?

I’m savouring a nice glass of Saumur White (French of course) you can see it there bottom right….


Note polo shirt: it’s warm, I would guess low to mid twenties…

We’ve missed the last boat to Wales….

It’s the 13th August. The nearest equivalent to crow flying works out at 450 miles to base. that’s a long long haul when 60 miles a day is hard work and needing a rest day in every 2: not what we want really…

So we’ve decided to not bring the boat back to Wales…..Hang around here a bit longer…sail around here a bit longer ….stay in the sun a bit longer and enjoy the warm as long as poss…

But we are heading North

So that’s it for facing South. We’re heading North tomorrow (14th Aug), eventually to Arzal-Camouel where we might leave Filibuster. About 3 or 4 days away depending on what we find (Ile d’Yeu being one place we’d like to find again – anchor up, swim in 20deg C water etc….)

And then we just need to get back to home in England and car in Wales…



  1. ian says:

    Hard work sailing..I thought you just pressed a few buttons on your PC, switched On auto helm, set radar for collision warning….and went to sleep…whats hard about that?

    • Martin says:

      Oh how wrong can you be. You have to switch the auto helm on first…..then press a few buttons on the PC and finally the “track” button.
      AKA “snooze”.
      The system beeps about 2 minutes before the next moment of activity, which of late is usually pressing the snooze button again.

      Repeat until you get there…. 🙂