loctudy 010

the wind howled (click for audio)


it rained more than just buckets






But did we care? No- because we were in Loctudy



But let me digress a bit before getting back to the subjectpano

Take a closer look a this photo panorama, taken from the back of Filibuster and looking across to Isle Tudy later that day.

The 2 French yachts on the left allow me to make a gross generalisation about French sailors:

French sailors like to commune with nature, to sail right at the forefront of their boats capability. And they are good at it too. Both the aforementioned boats had sailed through horrendous conditions: monsoon strength rain with 30+knot winds.

You will notice that they have no sprayhoods or dodgers and get whatever Mother Nature throws at them in the face. I suspect that Mother Nature, who is French in these parts, takes their principal of communing with her and gives it a Gallic shrug.

Us Brits (at least the two of us on Filibuster) prefer to put a bit of fabric in the way and as a result don’t generally arrive looking half drowned and needing to bail out the boat 🙂

Anyway, enough of digressing, I’ve said it and got that off my chest.

Why we love Loctudy

To start it’s a nice place to arrive: greeted by the chequerboard tower of Perdrix on  the way in and straight into a berth view a view.

perdrix-2010-1 perdrix-2010-2

Loctudy’s marina is another small communal boat parking place with friendly staff who generally come out to meet, greet and place you.

But perhaps the real reason is the seafood from the adjacent fishing port:


from boat


to shop

Cam-LT 007
to plate






All in a couple of hours. The langoustines were still fighting back before we cooked them…

And another thing is the price: a demi kilo of best langoustines and and 7 bottles of fine Muscadet sur Lie (one cold for drinking the others destined for the UK) came to just over £40 from Viviers de Loctudy.


Moules Mouclade, bread, wine: £5 per head…..

The following night was moules mouclade, (light creamy curry sauce) cooked by Michele with the main ingredient costing under €3.

Add another bouteille of fine Muscadet (oops, that one isn’t going back to the UK) and you have a meal for two for under £6.

Nice place, friendly staff, super fresh seafood, excellent wines, great views. Loctudy is a mandatory stop in both directions.