a l’eau a l’eau

Bonjour mes amis.

Sailing season 2015 gets underway 🙂

Airbnb – what they didn’t say

Whilst the boat was out of the water we stayed at an Airbnb place for 4 nights. Situated right in the port side of Vannes it was ideally located and much better than a hotel. More details here.

Except for one thing: the steps. Located on the 3rd floor it was 65 steps up! And the mezzanine bed-floor was as steep as a ladder….

And so onto boaty things

Launched yesterday after 3 days full time faffing, cleaning, pressure washing, fitting, fixing and fiddling we are now chilling out at La Roche Bernard.

sail 15 005

wife and mistress. Both demanding.

And even more serious matters

I broke the law yesterday. Unwittingly. So I bring to your attention the following notification about feeding the ducks: it’s illegal here.

sail 15 006

Now there are are some questions that need answering. And in the absence of any obvious sign of the anti duck feeding fuzz to help with clarification here we go:

  • Why €38? and not the easier to handle €40. Did the pro duck lobby get the fine reduced?
  • But why set the fine at that level at all, Would €38 stop you from illegally feeding the ducks. Would €20 have the same effect?
  • Charlie Drake, pictured centre, takes the wrap. Why did his mate Francis exit stage left so fast? Was it to avoid being done for receiving the illegal bread?

So many questions, so few answers, it’s driving me quackers.

And with that it’s adieu until I find something more worthy of writing about.