Camaret sur Mer and the Navigation system

We made it to Camaret sur Mer yesterday (23 July) after a long motor from St Agnes in the Scillies…..

Our route took us through Chanel De Helle / Chanel du Four: the pilot guide says something like this about the area:

Avoid going through in anything other than fine weather with good visibility unless you have a good navigation system with up to date charts”

Well, after a flat calm night we arrived at the entrance to “Hell Chanel” and no sooner had we committed ourselves when a thick fog rolled in:


Visibility dropped to 50-100 yards. Tide ran at around 5kn. dangerous rocks were all around. Unseen vessels were heard to pass near by.

It would  have been the nightmare scenario just a few years ago.

Having the right kit and team

Fortunately Filibuster has en excellent navigation system using state of the art technolgy as pictured the following day in sunny Camaret. 001

Our helm (Andrew Wiltshire) expertly guided by the navigator (Tim Greathead) got us to our destination safe and sound.

….and the sun came out 🙂

Addendum: check performance of the nav system cdh passage 24 Jul 13

(blue line = desired track, orange = actual)