Fin du saison / Father Ted

Ok -so what’s Father Ted go to do with it?

Well it appears he is alive and well making cheese:

LRB 097

Well worth getting – he’s doing a good job of it….

End of Season?

You wouldn’t believe it – or maybe you would. In the UK the August bank holiday traditionally marks the end of the summer season. I can tell you that here, after Sunday 25th the difference is phenomenal….

We are enjoying our last night at La Roche Bernard. As I write this at 2310 it’s a dry heat 24 degrees.

LRB 083

same view as before, but at night…a bit of new neighbours boat is in the way…

Boats movements have dropped markedly, there are spaces that wait to be filled for hours (but they do get filled in hours, rather than minutes as per day before). The harbour master busies himself with moving boats that will over winter here away from the visitors pontoons in the hope he will get move guests. He didn’t care so much yesterday.

The local restaurants welcome you, I mean really welcome you: want your custom…they know if you move on they might not fill the table. Last night it was the opposite: they knew they would fill every table and didn’t care too much about your money.

So that’s it then?

Well pretty much so . We are 4nm away from the winter mooring and will be there by the time you read this. There’s a couple of posts that I would like to finish (St Martin, Pornic to be specific) and you might get those after we get back to the UK because they are great places and need some justice doing to them)

So for 2013-14

The boat is in Arzal-Camoul for the foreseeable future. We might visit alongside arrangements to take it out for annual underwater maintenance. It could be a base if you fancy a holiday? – let me know.

Thanks for reading – if there is any aspect of our travels that you would like to know more about just let me know



La Roche Bernard

23:33 26/8/13