Relief, at last…..

What sort of relief is that, I hear you ask?

And before your mind wanders off into it’s innermost interesting compartment that minds can sometime wander off into, let me tell you that the relief that I’m feeling, in particular today, is that a plan has come together and has been made real.

Now those of you that, like me, like to plan, execute and deliver said plan will know that there is indeed some kind of satisfaction that, unlike mere mortals who can’t, delivering on the plan is a superior feeling.

The plan that became essential was finding a home for the boat for the winter. It has been delivered.

Slot S108, Port Arzal-Camouel is now our home. It’s perfect: edge of marina, alongside wooded valleys reminiscent of the Upper Cleddau in Pembrokeshire  that you may be familiar with.

(we are bottom right on the last pontoon, east side, halfway up.)

It’s a bit like the relief of moving home and being in your own place again.

And the sums work out well: to keep the boat in this marina doesn’t just cost less than our previous system of West Wales, it costs a heck of a lot less: from end of season to end of season about £2100 including away stops. The Lawrenny/East Llanion/paid stops solution of last year would come to around £3600. Take out say £500 for to-ing and fro-ing Franceward and you’ve got £1000 additional fun money to spend on something other than boat parking.

Like maybe another holiday on a boat?

Not to mention the extra month not travelling to and fro Lawrenny. Or the benefit of chilling out in the sun rather than slogging up the channel (English & Bristol) I’ll let you know next year if I’m still keen on the solution.

La Roche Bernard

Up river is La Roche Bernard (LRB) – 4miles away. Unbelievably beautiful historic town with great bars and restaurants, unbelievably not overrun, La Rochelle-esque. And beyond that some really interesting places yet to be visited.

LRB 002

view from back of Filibuster of a) one of Bernie’s rocks and b) and old tub of a boat that’s prettier than mine.

Un Blag, ou un moment d’humour: 2 years ago we visited LRB: in desperate need of of a haircut we both went to a local coiffure.

(a further digression: LRB has an interesting assortment of shops, including the essential glass blower, wood turner and a complete set of boulangerie, charcuterie, possionere as well as a good bunch of restaurants, all of which exude normal French town rather than tourist destination)

But back to cutting hair, which should you ever try to do in France, beware:

My cut is simple: no 8 on top and no 4 on the side. Easy, you would have thought, what could possibly go wrong? Metrication my friend, that’s what went wrong. . Mon coiffeuresse translated my request to 8mm on top and 4mm on the side….

…Liberating….I didn’t need another cut for 2 months……

And you will be pleased to know the coiffuresse is still in business….and I need a haircut. Am I brave enough?